Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rider Meets Writer

Sweater: Thrifted; Button-up, Jeans, Necklace: F21; Boots: Borrowed
          If an equestrian rider and an author had a daughter, this would be her outfit of choice. The peek-a-boo collar and gold necklace lend a sophisticated feel, while my loose braid, jeans, and riding boots give off a laid-back horsewoman vibe. And I am totally okay with that. Mashing two of my favorite past times together? Uhh, yeah! 
         I must tell you, though...this sweater? One hundred percent cashmere. How much, you might ask? One dollar. This has to be my favorite thrifting find of all, if not for the cloud-like feeling I get when I wear it, then for the absurdly low price.

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