Friday, January 20, 2012

Singing In The Rain

Coat/Jeans: F21; Scarf/Umbrella: Target; Boots: Gifted; Top: Borrowed
              Can I just say, I love the rain. There's just something about walking in in the rain with an umbrella and your iPod in and being warm in winter clothes that makes me unbelievably happy. Although I went with a black-on-black theme for today, I really am ecstatic about the weather. I simply adore this scarf from Target (it has a hood!). I also happen to love my rain boots and my bubble umbrella. Who knew serious mud-sloshing boots gifted from my (not-so-fashionable) father could be so chic? 
             If any of you are in a rainy area, play this the next time you go for a stroll. It makes me feel like I'm walking down a runway-- and then I remember I'm in public.

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