Thursday, April 26, 2012

And so we meet again...

Shirt, Shorts, Necklace: F21; Boots: Target; Sweater: Gifted; Head Scarf: Thrifted
               Well hello there! It has been exactly 24 days since I last posted (I know the precise number thanks to my friend Daniella who reprimanded me) and I am terribly, terribly sorry for that. I could say that I have spent my time being a studious college student, but the reality is that I have actually been enjoying the other end of college life: going out, being with friends, and living life. But do not fret! I am back, and so is spring. be prepared for a slew of warm-weather looks courtesy of yours truly. Au revoir! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Barely There

Dress: B.P.; Collar: Asos; Shoes: Borrowed
              And thus begins the last quarter of my freshman year of college. I can't believe my spring break is over already. Though my body may be here in Davis, my mind still floats around my hometown, imagining that I'm cuddled up with my sisters and my cat and a good book. Back to reality, I suppose.