Monday, May 7, 2012


 1. Glitter tip nails; 2. Blogging with my new converse; 3. The lil' sister enjoying an ice-cream; 4. My favorite loafers
 1. Visiting Action Jackson, the donkey stud; 2. My sister and I on Christmas; 3. Date night; 4. Marble nails
 1. Flying over L.A.; 2. Some encouraging whiteboards in the dorms; 3. A friend from SLO visiting
 1. Cuddles with my roommate and friend; 2. Picnic Day; 3. Visiting the baby horses; 4. First round of henna
1. Henna on myself (and my yucky nails, ignore those); 2. Day at the pool; 3. More henna 
Arm swag, my henna, and my shopping bags full of new goodies.
               Here's a culmination of Instagram photos since Winter Break. It's just a little look into my life outside of the blog and my clothes. Enjoy!

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