Monday, July 30, 2012

Gram Slam

Instagram's Summer 2012 Part One
 1. Standing in a beautiful creek in Mammoth, California to kick-start summer
2. Henna and some new arm candy
3. My youngest sister and I rocking our top-knots
4. Gorgeous Lake Tahoe
 1. Lounging by the pool wearing my DIY denim cutoffs
2. My friend Delaney posing for a style report I did
3. Heading to the beach for the fourth!
 1. Posing with art
2. The lovely view from my backyard
3. A new nail color!
4. Summer makes my freckles come out ten-fold
1. Cookies, cookies, and more cookies
2. Pretty hair for a pretty day on the water
3. Loving my Aruba blue Chucks!

            Just a few Instagram shots of my summer so far! Hope ya'll are enjoying yourselves!

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