Thursday, January 19, 2012

Parkside Realty

Sweater: Courtesy of my mother's closet; Jeans: F21; Boots: Tara; Scarf: Gifted
            Well, I do believe we found our apartment for next year! It is right next to a lovely park and a few of our guy friends will probably be living near us as well. There are huge trees, BBQs, picnic tables, and even a Harry Potter-like room under the stairs! Aside from apartment hunting, yesterday was a full day of classes. I tried out a new braided hairstyle-- one in which I french braid from left to right and wrap the tail around in a bun and pin with bobby pins. Tres chic! 
             Also, the scarf? Hand-knitted by one of my best friends (and future roommate!). She also knitted me a matching head band that I can't wait to show off. This scarf is literally my new favorite thing. It's just so warm and cozy! I'm thinking I'll have to take up knitting....

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